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Everyone Needs Project Management Skills

Are you helping your employees do a better job?

I have been working with an increasing number of organizations over the past year on how to help employees do a better job when they are trying to do more with less (that phase is not going away anytime soon!) – reduced budgets, cost cutting measures […]

Who Benefits From Project Management Training

Everyone of course!

During a recent lunch meeting with a client, we discussed project management training. In particular, who in the organization would benefit from participating in a project management training program? The question came up because he felt that everyone could benefit from learning how to manage projects, but his boss – one of […]

Training Project Team Members On The Job

Make the time! The benefits are many!

When are you providing training to your team members? Likely many of you do so on occasion throughout the year when there is no project going on and they can spend time out of the office. And sure…there is value to training outside of the office. However […]