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Keeping Control of Your Projects – Part I

Team Communications

Too often I hear project managers tell me that they lose control of their projects – specifically around conmunications. Too much is going on and they can’t keep up with everything, no one is communicating in a way that works for others and it seems that the sponsor and other key stakeholders are […]

Communicating with Stakeholders – Part II

A Mini Case Study

Read Part I of the story.

In this article, we’ll outline the communication plans for departments heads and other employees in the organization.

The first meeting

In your meeting with the seven department managers, you focused on the 360 initiative and specifically:

The decision behind launching a 360 process (link to […]

Identifying and Communicating with Stakeholders – I

A Mini Case Study

In this mini case study we’ll look at a brief scenario and discuss the approach to getting started with identifying and reaching out to stakeholders to get them on board with the project.

Scenario: You want to implement a 360 feedback process into the organization. The organization is receptive to providing […]

Effective Communications for Complex Projects

The more complex your initiative, the more detailed your communications plan must be to ensure that you reach all individuals with whom you need to communicate and so that you communicate the right information at the right time. Planning your communications up front enables for:

Improving the effectiveness of communications overall, including frequency and […]