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About to Give a Presentation?

Find More Opportunities to Home Your Presentation Skills

Do You Know What Your Audience Wants and Needs?

Before you give your next presentation, consider whether you truly understand what your audience wants and needs from that presentation. Often, we give a presentation with a focus on what we want and need from it, but forget about our audience’s wants and needs.

Let’s assume […]

Find More Opportunities to Home Your Presentation Skills

If you don’t have the opportunity to present frequently enough, it is difficult to hone your presentation skills. But practice is necessary!

Consider these potential opportunities to continue to hone your presentation skills:

Join a toastmaster’s group Deliver presentations to your colleagues (via department meetings or team meetings) Apply to speak at a conference on […]

How Effective Are Your Presentation Skills?

We all need to present at some point or another in our careers – whether it is to our boss, our colleagues, the entire department or the leadership team. The ability to present effectively is essential to long term success and to being seen as a leader in your organization.

Presenting information effectively means conveying […]