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Weighted Decision Making

Need to make a decision? You might use a weighted decision-making matrix in order to evaluate a variety of options before making a final decisions. Decision matrices provide a structure to compare options to enable for better decision making.

Let’s look at an example of weighted decision making. In this example, we are deciding which […]

Making Better Decisions

Making decisions is often the toughest part of a leader’s job. The wrong decision can carry tremendous risk – damaging the company’s reputation, impacting customers negatively, or causing loss of revenue or increased costs.

However, many of the decisions that we have to make don’t have to be made immediately! Often we can take some […]

Driving Decisions from Sponsors and Leaders

Are you having difficulty getting decisions made to keep your projects moving forward? Often our projects get derailed because we can’t get a decision made from the sponsor or others on the leadership team. This may happen for a number of reasons – some of which are the fault of the project manager. If you […]