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Helping a New Member of the Team Adapt

3 Key Ways

When someone new joins the team – whether a department, workgroup or a project team – it is important to help them adapt as quickly as possible in order to get them up to speed and become productive on the team.

Consider these three simple ways to help a new team member adapt to the environment and the team:

  • Schedule time for each member of the team to meet with the new team member. This may be in a small group or one-on-one setting. It enables team members to get to know the new person and begin to establish a relationship with the new team member. Consider arranging for breakfast or lunch meetings and provide food (or a reservation at a restaurant nearby.)
  • Provide the new team member an overview of roles and responsibilities on the team and how (s)he fits in with the rest of the team. Ensure an understanding of vision, mission and objectives of the team.
  • Provide a “buddy” for the new team member; someone to whom (s)he can ask questions and understand more about how the organization works – both formally and informally.

Interested in getting your new people up to speed quicker? Contact us to learn more about the benefits of onboarding and how Abudi Consulting Group can help you develop a robust onboarding program that will have a positive bottom line impact.

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