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Get the Right Employees Involved in Decision Making

Get the Right Employees Involved in Decision MakingAs a leader, we want to be sure that we are not the sole decision making for our group; but rather that we involved employees in the decision-making process. This enables for a number of benefits, including:

  • Input from the individuals who are likely closest to the problem
  • Improved buy-in to the final decision since employees have had a hand in determining the solution
  • Opportunities for professional development of employees
  • Collaboration among your employees

Ideally, the employees involved will be the ones who experience the problem and will benefit from solving it as it impacts their daily work. A diversity in the individuals who are selected to work on solving the problem and developing a solution enables for more creativity and innovation in a solution – a better solution overall.

Consider ensuring there are employees on the problem solving/decision making team who:

  • Are curious and regularly seek out new information and look at possibilities/pursue opportunities
  • Look at possible solutions in a variety of ways; combining options to develop a solution that works
  • Are practical and take an approach to the solution depending on what is practical given any number of factors such as timing, resources and budgets
  • Are “do-er’s” – individuals who will eagerly push forward with implementing the agreed-upon solution
  • Push back on the others; not accepting the first solution developed but asking questions to determine if all possibilities/options have been explored