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Factors that Increase Team Success

There are five factors in particular that enable for the success of workplace teams.

  1. Sufficient resources: There needs to be sufficient resources to support the efforts of the team. This includes the members of the team, but may also include additional resources brought in to help the team achieve its goals.
  2. Leadership: A strong leader provides the team with someone who supports their efforts, clears barriers and ensures they have the tools they need to be successful in achieving goals.  
  3. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities: Each member of the team needs to have a role on the team and responsibilities associated with that role. Each team member should understand the roles and responsibilities of their colleagues. Cross-training enables team members to support each other.
  4. Trust: Trust between and among team members as well as between the leader and team members is essential. Trust is built through establishing strong working relationships among the team. 
  5. Performance evaluation and reward systems: There needs to be clear guidelines and a structure in place to evaluate individual as well as team performance and to reward the team for achieving goals set. Providing a reward structure for the team encourages teamwork and cooperation among the team.

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