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A Mini Case Study: Leading a Project as a New Project Manager – Part II

Best Practices for a New Project Manager to Establish Themselves and Build Relationships Quickly

Read Part I for background information.

In his part, we’ll share some best practices to help Sydney ensure her first project starts off well.

As we learned, Sydney does have some base knowledge – she attended a week long onboarding program and had conducted some research about the company during the interviewing process. Additionally, she can certainly rely on her manager – the head of operations – in order to get to know key players in the organization.

Here are some things for Sydney to consider to help increase the success of her first project:

  • Reach out to her manager and ask her to provide insight and support as follows:
    • Insight on the managers in new service development and client engagement as well as provide a formal introduction to the managers.
    • Recommendations of employees she believes would have the skills and knowledge to be on the project team
    • An overview of past process improvement initiatives and whether or not they have been successful
  • Reach out to her peers (other project managers) in the company:
    • Their perspective on how to best approach this project
    • Their thoughts on potential team members
    • Ask about lessons learned on similar projects within the company
    • Learn about common tools, templates and technologies used within the organization
  • Research past projects to learn more about the types of projects that have been done and whether or not they were successful (including what makes a project successful or not within the organization)

These conversations and research around past projects will enable Sydney to be better prepared to manage her first large project within the organization.

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