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Negotiate Better!

The better prepared for a negotiation, the more likely you can achieve the objectives set and create a situation that is win-win for both parties. Consider these three best practices to improve how you negotiate with others:

  1. Do your homework!
    • Research the other party in the negotiation. What are their interests and goals for the negotiation? What is important for them? What would they consider success? What is their “best alternative to a negotiated agreement?”
    • What are your goals? What would you consider successful? What is your “best alternative to a negotiated agreement?”
  2. Focus on the problem being addressed or conflict being resolved, not on the individual personalities. Attacking the other person will not enable for a successful negotiation. Stay focused and take a break if negotiations appear to be heating up.
  3. Be creative and strive for win-win situations. The goal of a negotiation to find a way to enable for both parties to have a success. Look for options that make everyone happy and enables for meeting goals.

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