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Are You a Change Agent?

Are You a Change Agent?Change agents are individuals within the organization who enable for change to happen by embracing change and helping others around them to embrace change. They are inspired by how things could be and look to the future. They may be leaders within the organization but not necessarily! Change agents from throughout the organization – at any level and in any role.

Change agents are passionate about change and share that passion with others. They do the following within their organizations:

  • Seek to understand and convey a vision for change
  • Look for regular opportunities to improve how the work gets accomplished
  • Understand the corporate culture and how it impacts change initiatives
  • Communicate effectively about change, why it must occur and pushes forward the need for change
  • Shares information regularly with others so they understand the need for change and can embrace change
  • Champion change throughout the organization – jumping right in to participate in change initiatives and engage others in change

Are you a change agent in your organization?

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