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Explore the Debate: How to align your IT team – by Process or by Technology?

In my 15 years of experience, I have seen organizations align their IT teams either by process and or echnology. In pursuit of formulating perfect teams, an issue as straight forward and simple as this can get extremely complicated.

Aligning by business process could mean formulating teams by:

Sales and marketing process Delivery and […]

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Vendor Selection: Key Factors and 10 Practical Tips

Selecting the right Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) vendor can be a tough decision to make. Even though many organizations have gone through the process several times, it is surprising how chaotic the process of selection can be time and time again. There are certain key factors every team has to consider in the process.

Fit […]

Building Synergies between Organizational Change Management and IT

Traditionally, Organizational Change Management (OCM) teams were setup and managed by the CIO/Program directors when large scale ERPs were rolled out by organizations. However, the days of rolling out large scale multimillion dollar ERP packages are long gone. So, what do the CIOs do with the OCM team? Should they disband the OCM team? […]

5 Principles for Effective Client and Project Management

Project managers generally have the toughest job in the entire process. They have to manage customers, manage their leadership team, ensure customer payment on invoices and above all ensure successful delivery and meet milestones. All successful project managers have to be great leaders and skilled people managers. Having the knowledge of project management tools, […]

Developing an IT Integration Strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions

As an IT professional, if you have been through mergers & acquisitions before, you know by now that not having a clear strategy/plan for integrating your IT systems can be disastrous. Effective IT/system integration strategy can have a huge impact on the actual business results of the integration.

There has been a lot of debate […]