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6 Tips That Make Product Development Work

Any product introduction is only as successful as the planning and execution of the various stages prior to introduction. Consider these six tips for your next product development project.

Define what success looks like.

What metrics like sales, profit, market share, image in the marketplace will “prove” success?

Incentivize your product launch team.

The team […]

17 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Small businesses have jumped headfirst into the Social Media Pool. Do they know how to swim or just tread water?

They might be starting to sink if they are making a number of these mistakes.

Participating in too many networks or vehicles. Not fully completing profiles on each network. Selling instead of informing prospects and […]

20 Reasons for Issuing a Press Release

Press releases are still a valuable tool in the age of Social Media.  In fact, you can reach many more potential people with Social Media than in the “good old days.” As I was editing this post I read a terrific post on the Spin Sucks blog. Gini Dietrich‘s main point was that “PR […]

Working with a Publicist

All companies seek favorable attention and mentions in the media. Companies can directly pay for ads (print or Pay Per Click) or use Public Relations to have stories written about their company.

Working With a Public Relations Professional

Editors, the gatekeepers of the various media are bombarded with Press Releases and other missives.


How Changes in Perception Impact Your Brand

Factors like crisis, the environment, or changing perceptions can dramatically impact a brand.

Let’s take a look at what happened to some brands that faced changed perceptions.


Kentucky Fried Chicken was a highly successful franchise selling fried chicken. The company did not have a crisis like BP or AIG. […]