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Inspire Your Project Members Using Amazing Success Quotes

Success Quotes - 25 Great Success Quotes

We all aspire to be successful. But sometimes we need a little boost. And our team members as well.

I find success quotes inspiring.

Great success quotes motivate people to try hard, push further, dig deeper,…

I collected over 500 success quotes and recently picked my 25 favorites. You can find them in the infographic […]

Project Scorecard: 11 tips to reach the next level!

Reinvent your project scorecard

Have you ever considered using a project scorecard?

Bain research places the Balanced Scorecard as the sixth most used management instrument in the world.

Harvard Business Review labels the Balanced Scorecard as “one of most influential management ideas of the past 75 years” according to.

Yes, the Balanced Scorecard is great. And you can easily use […]

The 5 stages of politics in an organisation – where are you?

We all know that companies have two faces, each with its own power structure. There’s the rational side, with a power structure visible in the organisational chart and there’s the irrational side, with a hidden power structure, following the unwritten rules of the game.

Not everyone plays the political game in the same way. And […]

We all talk too much and do too little

Talking is overrated. It’s what we do that matters. But if we are honest, we all talk too much and do too little.

We say that the new company strategy is the best we had in years but, deep down, we don’t really understand it.

We say a good leader needs to act transparent, but […]

Think about this, next time you take a decision

Best-selling author Paul C. Nutt did extensive research on decision making for his book Why Decisions Fail. He found that more than 50 percent of all decisions fail. They are either quickly abandoned, partially implemented or never adopted at all. 81 percent of all managers pushed their decisions through persuasion and edict. And only 7 […]