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3 Ways to Make Training Fun in the Workplace

While we can all agree that training in the workplace is about learning and improving skills to get work done, it can still be fun. Even as adults we want to have some fun. We want to enjoy learning sessions. We don’t want to sit there while someone drones on and on about a topic. Our minds will just wander in other directions, and we are unlikely to retain anything we are learning.

Here are 3 ways to make training in the workplace a fun activity in which employees want to participate.

  1. Kick off every session with an introductory activity. I like to do a BINGO activity for many of my training sessions. This enables for those in the room to learn a bit about each other and open up about themselves. I have found that this enables individuals to share more during discussions and team activities.
  2. Include puzzles, “toys,” and other ways for participants to engage. For many of my training programs, I bring in Rubik’s Cubes (remember those?!), Lego® pieces, puzzles, and other “toy” type items that I have on the training tables. This provides a bit of a distraction for participants during breaks and enables for more creative thinking.
  3. Break up longer programs with team building activities. Certainly, this may not apply to a one day program, but for longer programs, break up the training with a team building activity that enables the participants to take a break from learning.

Learning can be fun and even as adults we want to have a bit of fun. Building some fun activities into the training day enables for a “refresh” and also opens up the mind to being more creative.

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