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Acknowledge Members of the Project Team

While it is important for project managers to recognize the efforts of the project team as a whole, there are times when they should also acknowledge the efforts of individuals on the team.

When an individual team member stands out in some way – whether by pitching in to help another team member, managing a […]

Engaging Reluctant Participants on a Team

Best practices to get everyone to participate and share their ideas and thoughts

Not everyone on the team is going to be a willing participant in discussions. Some individuals may be shy and therefore reluctant to participant; others may simply not want to participate for any number of reasons. However, it is important that everyone […]

Why Do I Have to be on this Team? Part II

A Mini Case Study

Read Part I of this case study.

Here are some ways to address this situation and to avoid it in future:

What are the primary reasons for the team feeling as they are?

The team does not appear to understand the potential of teamwork and the benefits of working on a […]

Why Do I Have to be on this Team? Part I

A Mini Case Study

Consider this situation:

From the minute the team for a major internal project was announced, several of the members were overheard telling their colleagues that they didn’t understand why they needed to be involved in this initiative. They wanted to continue to work alone, as they have been doing for many […]

Enabling for Development Opportunities on the Team

I often hear from project team members that they are always utilized for their current skills and expertise but are rarely provided the opportunity to develop skills and grow professionally and personally.

It doesn’t take much effort in planning to enable for growth opportunities for team members, and it doesn’t have to take a toll […]