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What the Best Leaders Realize

Recognize the efforts of your employees for continued organizational success

The best leaders realize that without the efforts of their employees, they cannot possibly be successful in achieving the goals of the organization. To encourage employees in continuing to meet goals, leaders must recognize their efforts – individually and as a team. What better way to engage employees than acknowledging that without them the organization cannot achieve its goals? Not only does this engage your employees – it helps to retain your top talent and helps to recruit additional top talent. People want to work for an organization that acknowledges their contributions and hard work.

Here are five simple ways that leaders can recognize the efforts of employees:

  1. Start each all staff meeting with a “Thank you!” to employees who have gone above and beyond. Consider having their names on a slide that is shown as the meeting is beginning.
  2. Utilize an eNewsletter to acknowledge employee’s efforts.
  3. Promote the work efforts of a project team by inviting the entire team to a meeting of the leadership team.
  4. Ask your supervisory staff or team leaders to let you know who is doing good work in their group and send those individuals an email thanking them for their contributions.
  5. Send a hand written “Thank you!” note to individuals who go above and beyond to recognize them and their efforts.

Try any or all of these five simple ways to acknowledge employees and the word will spread!

What are some ways you have acknowledged the efforts of your staff or project team members?

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