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Managing Vendors

Part III

Read Part I and Part II of our story.

In the third and final part of this story we’ll share the outcomes of the first few vendor meetings.

Three vendor/company meetings were scheduled in the evening. It was decided to have four separate meetings in order to keep the groups smaller and also […]

Managing Vendor Issues

Part II

Read Part I of our story for background information.

In this Part, we’ll share how we used this information to develop an action plan for resolving our vendor issues.

Much of the time, as we learned from doing a bit of research at this client, problems with vendors do not solely reside with […]

Researching Vendor Issues

Part I

Over coffee a few weeks ago a client asked how they might better work with their vendors. She told me that her department has been working with the same four vendors for the last two years; but lately she feels that the relationship is not as good as it should be. Specifically, she […]