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How Project Sponsors Can Help New Project Managers

While much of the time we don’t expect the project sponsor to be hands-on with a project, it is of value if they are more involved when working with new project managers. A new project manager needs significant support to be successful managing their first project and the sponsor can provide this support by:


Don’t Forget the Project Management Basics

The successful delivery of any project is dependent on a fundamental understanding of what is to be delivered, when it has to be delivered and how much is to be spent on the project. Such information can often get lost in the minds of those working on projects either because they get sucked into […]

The Benefits of Project Documentation

Project documentation??

“Hmmm…I would prefer to use that time meaningfully by doing some other project activities.”

“Let’s do it after completing all project activities, not right now.”“I am focused on delivering the project. This is a low priority.”

“I can complete one more project if I don’t do documentation.”

Sounds familiar? You may have heard […]