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A Problem Project – Part III

Analyzing the Data and Writing Your Report

Read Part I – the introduction to this 4 part article along with Part II – researching what is going on.

In Part III we’ll focus on analyzing the data you have gathered during your research.

Develop a report of the data you have gathered and validated (Part […]

A Problem Project – Part II

What is Going On?

Read Part I – the introduction to this 4 part article.

In Part II we’ll focus on researching what is going on and why so that we can develop a plan of corrective action.

Who Should Be Involved

It is essential to get the right people involved in the discussions. Certainly […]

A Problem Project – Part I

Don’t Place Blame Yet!

At some point you will have to manage a problem project. You know the ones – way over budget, scope is out of control, significantly behind schedule and/or the sponsor and other key stakeholders are breathing down your neck. These are the projects that keep us up at night! When we […]


The Message in the Mention

Guest post by Ronn Faigen, © Copyright 2013

Ronn Faigen is the General Manager for APMG-US, part of APMG International, a global accreditation and qualifications organization. In this capacity, Ronn is responsible for increasing the awareness and adoption of internationally recognized best practices, among them PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programs […]

The Value of Establishing Relationships Throughout the Organization

A Mini Case Study

Here is a story of a project manager who did not see the value of spending time establishing relationships with others.

We’ll call him Jack. Jack has been managing projects for about 5 years. In that time, he has always had project team members who reported to him. He never bothered […]