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A Problem Project – Part IV

Developing Your Solution and Meeting with Executives

Read Part I – the introduction to this 4 part article, Part II – researching what is going on, and Part III – analyzing the data.

In Part IV we’ll focus on developing the proposed solution and presenting to the executives for approval to implement.

Once you have […]

A Problem Project – Part III

Analyzing the Data and Writing Your Report

Read Part I – the introduction to this 4 part article along with Part II – researching what is going on.

In Part III we’ll focus on analyzing the data you have gathered during your research.

Develop a report of the data you have gathered and validated (Part […]

A Problem Project – Part II

What is Going On?

Read Part I – the introduction to this 4 part article.

In Part II we’ll focus on researching what is going on and why so that we can develop a plan of corrective action.

Who Should Be Involved

It is essential to get the right people involved in the discussions. Certainly […]

A Problem Project – Part I

Don’t Place Blame Yet!

At some point you will have to manage a problem project. You know the ones – way over budget, scope is out of control, significantly behind schedule and/or the sponsor and other key stakeholders are breathing down your neck. These are the projects that keep us up at night! When we […]

Taking the First Steps in Understanding What’s Going Wrong on Your Project

One of the most important tasks you have as the project manager is monitoring the progress of the project. This can be especially challenging on large, complex global projects and certainly when you are working on the project along with managing the project.

By keeping track of the project through meetings, status updates and general […]