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Protecting Your Small Business Against Burglars

Ever wonder about the mindset of a burglar? Likely you haven’t – who has really. We just all hope our place of business doesn’t get robbed. Here are a few things a burglar will never tell you:

  • Of course I look familiar; I was at your office just last week pretending to be a client, fixing the copier, repairing a computer, etc.
  • Thanks for letting me use the rest room while I was in your place of business; it gave me a chance to unlock the window so I could get in easier later on that evening.  Great of you not to check on that lock!
  • It was so nice of you to turn all of the lights off in the office; the police never saw me when they drove by doing their routine patrol.
  • You know the little sign on your front window with the name of your alarm company? This told me what type of system you have which made it easier for me to disable.
  • Speaking of your alarm system, you put your alarm control pad where it can be seen by anyone looking in your window, that is how I knew the alarm was not set.. makes it too easy.
  • I am not complaining, but why would you pay all that money for an alarm system and leave work without setting it?
  • I like that your business puts lots of signs and displays in your front window; makes it more difficult for people to see me inside.
  • Leaving a window open just a crack is a great way to let in fresh air, to me it is an invitation; especially when you forget to close and lock it at the end of the work day.
  • I broke into that office because I knew they had files containing dates of birth and social security numbers. I make a fortune stealing and selling people’s identity.
  • You are right, I didn’t have enough time to break in to your safe, but it was not bolted down so I just carried it off with the help of a few pals.

The above are paraphrased statements made by professional commercial burglars in North Carolina, Georgia, Oregon, California, and Kentucky to their arresting officers.

Now that you know how they think, why they can more easily break in to a particular business, and what they are looking for to make a successful break in – it is up to you to do a honest evaluation of your business to avoid making life for your burglar.

Do you take files home to work on over the weekend?  How do you protect those files?  Think about how secure your home is from burglars.  Remember to keep work files – especially files with confidential information – in a secure location when you leave the office.

Copyright © 2010 Sandy Glover

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