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A Little Down Time at Work is Beneficial!

A Little Down Time at Work is Beneficial!Taking a little down time at work is not a bad thing!  Many of us are often in front of a computer for more hours in a day that we should be without taking a break. It takes a toll on our health and frankly does not able us to be as effective and productive as we could be if we took a break on occasion! There have certainly been many studies that have shown the benefit of taking a break during the day.

Consider taking a 10 – 15 minute break every hour – go for a walk, talk with colleagues (about non-business topics!), or just go grab a cup of coffee. Even just sitting back in your chair with your eyes closed for a few minutes will help you feel more relaxed.

While I’ll admit to not taking enough breaks myself; I have noticed that the days that I consciously make the effort to take a break from working on my projects, I am much more productive. My best breaks involve taking a walk, catching up on online scrabbled, or just sitting outside and spending a few minutes to read (a fiction book!)

What do you do to take a little break and refresh yourself?