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Increase the Chances of the Training “Sticking” Back on the Job

Training ProgramsUse a variety of methods to increase the chances of training in workshops sticking once the participants return to their jobs. For example,

  • Utilize case studies, discussion topics and problem solving scenarios that are similar to what the participant’s encounters in their role.
  • Enable for opportunities to practice the concepts being learned within the classroom setting individual activities, team activities and role playing.
  • Ensure management supports what is being learned within the classroom environment so that they can help the participant back on the job and so that they support the participant when (s)he tries new skills.
  • Enable for action planning in the classroom, working with the participant to delineate how they will apply what they are learning back on the job.
  • Check in with workshop participants after the training to address concerns, challenges and answer questions about how effective they are using their new skills.

A variety of ways utilized in the classroom and ensuring follow up support after the training increases the chances of the training “sticking” once the participant is back at work.