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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence – Manage Emotions

Some Quick Tips to Manage Those Emotions!

Once we recognize that we have emotions and feelings tied to just about everything that happens to us or around us each day, we need to learn how to manage those emotions. When we manage those emotions, we:

  • Have better interactions with others
  • Make better decisions
  • Enable for more effective collaboration
  • Develop stronger relationships
  • Reduce conflicts with others

Emotions happen quickly! Before we can really react to them we are having an emotional outburst. By learning how our bodies reacts to an emotional outburst – such as feeling like we have knots in our stomach, getting angry, etc. – we are better able to manage that response.

Here are three ways to help you to manage your emotions and keep them under control so that you have a better response to others and the situation:

  • Take a moment and take a breath before responding. Rarely do you need to respond immediately to a situation; you have a moment to think first. Take some time to compose yourself before responding to ensure you remain professional. (There is nothing wrong with telling someone that you need some time to think.)
  • Reflect back on past experiences where you may have had a less than helpful emotional outburst. What happened and why? What triggered the particular emotional outburst? Use a journal to track these reflections to look for patterns – people, places or things that may trigger strong emotional outbursts.
  • Find a buddy; someone who can help you recognize when you may not be responding well to a situation and can help you to recognize it. When in the middle of an emotional reaction, we may not quite see what is happening and how it is impacting those around us. A buddy can help us to see that “outsider’s perspective.”

These are just three simple ways to learn how to manage your emotions. What ideas can you add to the list?

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