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Get the Right Folks on Your Initiatives

Team BuildingI was talking with a friend the other day who is pulling together a team of volunteers from the organization to work on an event committee (they are planning a summer party for employees.) We were talking about the types of folks she wanted on the team. Rather than just generally reaching out and asking who wanted to help out on the planning committee, she wanted to reach out to specific people who she believed could add value to the project and make the event a success. We discussed the need for team members who:

  • Are engaged and motivated to work on the team – they are excited about the project.
  • Can contribute to the team – they have the skills, experience, time and willingness to do so.
  • Comprise a diverse group – a variety of ages, both male and female, representing all functions in the organization and all locations.

We also discussed team members who could fulfill roles such as:

  • The “Social Butterfly” – team members who know lots of folks in the organization and can get folks excited about the upcoming summer party; reaching out to gather ideas, get feedback, etc.
  • The “Planner” and “Organizer” – team members who are planners and are very organized; they can manage meetings, coordinate tasks getting completed, manage the timeline, etc.
  • The “Networker” – team members who have connections external to the organization and can source vendors, negotiate contracts, etc.

Pulling together the right team is essential for any initiative. Sometimes it is more difficult when you are looking for “volunteers,” as they have a “day job” that has to be done and other priorities. However, don’t just grab anyone to join the team! If you get the right folks on board, you’ll increase the success of your initiative and have fun while you are at it.

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