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How Effectively Do You Support Change?

How Effectively Do You Support ChangeEvery individual in an organization has to deal with change at some point. Lately it seems that change is coming at us fast and furious! Your ability to support change within the organization is essential to being seen as a leader within the organization; someone who can adapt and is resilient. Supporting change means you see the positive side of change and help others to see the positive side of change too.

Consider these characteristics of individuals who adapt to and more easily support change, and can help others to see the positive side of change:

Positive attitude: Individuals with a positive attitude see the good side of change – the benefits to the organization and to the individuals in the organization. They are excited about the possibilities of change and offer ideas and suggestions to support and move forward change initiatives.

Good communicator: The ability to communicate effective with others is necessary to help them understand the change and to see the positive side of change. Additionally, communicating enables you to better share your ideas and suggestions about the change initiative.

Good listener: The other side of communicating is the ability to listen! Good listeners can hear the “words behind the words.” They understand what others are really trying to say and can, therefore, more effectively communicate because they are good listeners.

Emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is being aware of emotions and how you act/feel certain situations. Emotional intelligence is also being aware of the emotions of others and understanding why those emotions are occuring. It enables for actively managing your own feeling and those of others.

How effectively do you suport change in your organization?

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