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Communicating Effectively With Employees

How well are you doing?

How effectively are you communicating with your employees? I was talking to a potential client just recently who was concerned about how to best position the many changes coming up in their business. Specifically, she wanted to be sure that she was communicating to employees effectively now and in the future, especially since her business was growing and she wanted to increase the employee headcount.

In order to communicate effectively with employees, you need to start by sharing information with them. And, specifically, information about the company:

  • Vision and mission
  • Strategic plan
  • Financial situation
  • Business plan

Employees are better able to perform their responsibilities when they know what they are working towards. They are also more engaged and innovative. Think about it…when you know all the details, you understand where you fit in the big picture and how you can help the organization reach its goals. It is your responsibility as the boss to provide your employees direction so that they know how to reach the goals that are set. When they are tough economic times, make sure employees know what you are doing to keep the company moving forward.

Communicate regularly with your employees in a number of ways, depending on the size of your business:

  • Regular one-on-one or department meetings
  • Regular “all hands” meetings
  • Through emails and internal newsletters
  • Via a company portal
  • Open door policy (where employees can just “stop in” to talk with the boss)

Use a number of different ways to be sure to keep in touch with your employees. If you are meeting with your Board of Directors, share the results of that meeting with your employees. Yes, some things must be kept confidential and that is understandable. But there is always something you can share. The more employees know, the better they are able to do their job. You’ll find an increase in productivity, teamwork, engagement and innovation.  Sounds great – doesn’t it. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!