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Project Management or People Management?

Which role you are performing more as a PM? Is it Project Management or People Management?

If your answer is Project Management then probably you may face more challenges, fire-fighting, and issues among the team in your project. But if your answer is People Management, most probably you are on track to complete your project […]

Project Management Productivity Tools

Delivering a project is not an easy task; a project manager faces many hurdles, issues, and frequently has to endure several roller-coaster rides during the entire course of the project he/she is managing. During this period he/she may need to handle countless tasks, follow-ups, etc.

How can he/she manage all these tasks and […]

The Benefits of Project Documentation

Project documentation??

“Hmmm…I would prefer to use that time meaningfully by doing some other project activities.”

“Let’s do it after completing all project activities, not right now.”“I am focused on delivering the project. This is a low priority.”

“I can complete one more project if I don’t do documentation.”

Sounds familiar? You may have heard […]