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5 Ways to Engage the Project Sponsor

Just because someone sponsored the project, doesn’t mean they are engaged! You want to ensure that your sponsor is engaged in the project. As the project manager, it is your responsibility to engage your project sponsor. An engaged sponsor is supportive of the project throughout the organization and of the team’s efforts on the project. An engaged sponsor clears the path to help get what is needed to increase the chances of project success. An engaged sponsor helps to create a successful project!

Here are 5 ways to engage your project sponsor:

  • Invite the sponsor to participate in the team kick-off meeting. Ask him/her to talk about the project and its value to the organization and participate in a few team building activities.
  • Develop a strong working relationship with your sponsor – get to know him/her, meet for coffee, have a casual conversation during the day, etc. It’s easier to engage someone when you know them personally.
  • Be a strong project leader who projects confidence in the project and the success of the project. Consistently show a positive, can do attitude.
  • Take the time to understand the sponsor’s perspective on the project. What is the sponsor’s vision for this project? Why is it being launched? What is the sponsor’s view of success?
  • Regularly report on project status and check in with the sponsor. Don’t wait for the sponsor to come to you to learn what is happening with the project.

These are just a few ways to engage your project sponsor (and other stakeholders frankly!) in the project. What do you do to engage your project sponsor? What are your challenges? Share with others in the Comments field below. Thank you!