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3 Tips to Engage Employees in Cross-Functional Projects

Cross-Functional ProjectsCross-functional projects benefit from getting a diverse group of employees involved in participating on the initiative. The diversity they bring enables for ensuring the project meets the needs of a broader group as well as enables for a better, more successful project overall.

Here are three (3) tips to get employees engaged in cross functional projects:

  1. Make collaborating and serving on cross-functional projects a “must do.” Set goals as part of performance management that require serving on cross-functional projects and collaborating across the organization.
  2. Make sure you provide employees the time and support needed to work on cross-functional projects. If employees can’t figure out how to juggle priorities and manage time effectively, they won’t be interested in working on cross-functional initiatives. Help them figure out how to accomplish their daily work by getting them help or reprioritizing tasks.
  3. Enable employees to work on projects of interest and that matches their skillsets. Don’t just assign an employee to a cross functional project for the sake of it; find one that is of interest to them and enables them to use their skills, expertise and knowledge to contribute effectively.

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