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3 Key Ways to Start the Work Week

3 Key ways for Time ManagementGet a better control of your work week ahead by considering these three ways to start the work week off in the right direction:

  1. Develop your “to do” list for the week

A “to do” list enables you to plan your work week and ensure that the right work is getting done to meet goals. Don’t include too many items on your “to do” list as it will not be possible to accomplish them all. Include a mix of more complex assignments as well as those assignments “easier to complete.” Prioritize your “to do” list based on criteria or factors you choose. Develop your “to do” list on Monday morning for the week. Evaluate it at the end of the day and make adjustments as needed – removing completed items and adding in items that are essential to complete in the upcoming days.

  1. Block time on your weekly calendar to accomplish major initiatives

Just creating a “to do” list is not sufficient to actually get the work done. As a best practice, block time off on your calendar to complete work. Even an hour or two during the day will enable you to concentrate on a complex task rather than trying to fit it in. This is especially important when others in the office have access to your calendar and schedule appointments for you.

  1. Plan some time during the week to connect with co-workers

While you are blocking time to work on complex assignments, consider also ensuring some time to connect with co-workers. Whether you take time to have lunch with a few colleagues, meet in the morning for coffee or catch up briefly during the day, it is important to regularly connect and network with colleagues to build and maintain strong working relationships.

Having a plan each week on what you will accomplish is essential to overall success in the organization. These three key wants to start your week enables you to meet your goals and reduce stress and frustration.

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