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Yes! You Must Facilitate Meetings

In order to increase productivity

Facilitate MeetingsWhen a meeting is actively facilitated rather than just keeping it unstructured, the following benefits are realized:

  • There is active participation and contribution by all attendees
  • Topics of discussion tend to be better balanced – with a focus on both pros and cons
  • There is a likelihood of more creative solutions to problems
  • Meetings are more productive and focused on achieving results
  • Meetings are likely to be shorter in duration, focused on what needs to be accomplished without going off track

When we allow meetings to go unfacilitated, it is more likely to cause a focus on disagreements, complaints and negativity. Those individuals who are outspoken and vocal will dominate the discussions. The agenda is unlikely to be followed, and decisions, if made, will be less likely to be the best decisions. These are the meetings that are likely to be over time and leave everyone afterwards feeling unproductive and that their time was wasted.

Learn more about facilitating meetings:

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