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What is Your Brand?

What is Your Brand?What is your brand? What do people say about you to others?

  • Do they say you are reliable? Or, are you never on time?
  • Do they comment on how you are always willing to help others? Or, do they say that if it isn’t in your job description, you aren’t pitching in?
  • Do they look forward to seeing you each morning because you are the smiling face in the office? Or, do they tell others to avoid you because you aren’t a happy person?

Our brand is important! It defines us to others and enables for opportunities in the workplace and personally.

A short story – I used to work with someone who is exceptionally smart. She always has great ideas on how to move the business forward. However, no one wants to work with her on any projects at all. She is not a nice person to work with. She belittles others and does not work collaboratively. She is not a team player. Her brand – someone to be avoided as she is not a nice person. It has limited her ability to move up in the organization.

So what about you? Consider your brand. How to others see you? What do they say about you? What do they think about you?

If you don’t think you have a good brand, you probably don’t! Start now to make changes to enable others to see you differently and improve your brand. Believe me – you’ll see increased opportunities in your future!

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