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Three Tips to Prepare for Executive Off-Sites

Executive Off-SiteExecutive off-site meetings are a great way to get the executive team together to focus on what will be accomplished over the upcoming year. In order to ensure that the executive off-site is effective and much is accomplished, it is essential to prepare ahead of time.

Here are three tips to prepare for your next executive off-site meeting. Determine:

  1. The focus of the executive off-site. Is the purpose of the executive off-site to solve a pressing business issue, develop a strategy for the organization or develop a plan to realize a potential opportunity?
  2. The agenda – what will be discussed, who will lead discussions, problem solving or brainstorming sessions, and timing for each discussion.
  3. Any pre-reading or other preparation required prior to the executive off-site to ensure that the time at the off-site is used wisely and productively.

These three simple tips will enable for more effective and productive executive off-sites.

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