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The Value of Volunteering

There is a tremendous value and many benefits in volunteering for a non-profit organization. For example, you can:

  • Build your network
  • Learn new skills and increase your own knowledge
  • Share your expertise and knowledge with others

And think about the benefit to the organization when you help to support them and a cause you believe in by providing your time, resources, and donations (either in money or in kind or in your time invested). Non-profits rely heavily on volunteers to support and help them carry out their mission. They can’t do it without you!

However, too often we forget that volunteering is a commitment. Yes, we have a “day job” too that pays the bills, but we volunteered for a purpose. And we should treat the volunteer role just as professionally and with full commitment as we treat our “day job.” Yes, it takes time and energy – but we joined for a reason, didn’t we? By not fully committing, we only force a heavier volunteer workload on others.

I personally serve on two non-profit boards in two very distinct roles. I love what I do but will tell you I invest a tremendous amount of time and effort into both those boards. I am also an active member of The Boston Club (serving on two committees and as an Ambassador to new members) and the Northeast Human Resource Association (serving on the Program Committee). I invest significant time here also. These are all organizations that focus in areas I am passionate about – project management, women in leadership and human resources. I will tell you as much as I give, I get in return. I have met some great folks in all of these organizations who are just as passionate as I am and with so much in common!

My next goal is to begin to serve on the boards of organizations that support children in poverty/abusive situations and animal rights/rescue. Two other areas that are of extreme importance to me personally and to which I feel I have much to contribute.
So how about you? What are you doing in the New Year? Why not assist a non-profit organization by sharing your expertise and skills?  Yes, it takes time but I promise you’ll find it time well spent!

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