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Thank Your Project Team After a Job Well Done!

And let others know about their good work

It’s important that you, as the project manager, take the time to thank your project team at the end of the project – before everyone goes scurrying off to work on the next project! Whether the project was an easy one (as if they ever are!) or had lots of challenges throughout – take the time to recognize the efforts of the team members.

Recognize the team members throughout the project and at the end, take them out for lunch or an after work drink and appetizers just to say "thanks" for their hard work. For those team members that went above and beyond – say "thank you" with a small personal gift – just a token of your appreciation for the extra effort. It doesn’t need to be expensive – just thoughtful!

Do not forget to let others know about the efforts of the project team member. In most cases, the project team member does not report to you and reports into one of the businesses. Be sure that individual’s boss knows what a fantastic job they did on the project! Send a personal note to the boss of the project team member letting them know what a great job the team member did and your appreciation that they were on the project. Be specific about their accomplishments on the project. In addition, send a letter to the project sponsors about the project team and a personal thank you to the team member.

Not only are you showing your project team how much you have appreciated their efforts, but by sharing that information with others – their bosses, stakeholders, etc. – you ensure that their efforts are recognized by others within the organization. The success of the project is due to the entire team – make sure everyone knows how much your team has accomplished and contributed to the success of the project.

What have you done to thank your project team members? How do you share in the success of the project? Please share with others in the Comments field below. Thanks!

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