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Quick Tips to Get a New Hire Acclimated and Comfortable in Their New Role

It’s essential to ensure that new hires can begin to feel productive and part of the company as quickly as possible. In this way, you can ensure that new hires are effective within the organization. Additionally, new hires who feel a part of the company from day one are happier, more productive employees overall. The company who continues to help their employees to develop both personally and professionally, have a trusted employee who is committed to the success of the company.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get your new employees acclimated to the company and feeling comfortable from day one!Lunch

  1. Have an employee meet the new hire on the first day and introduce him/her around the office.
  2. Have the new hire’s desk/office set up when he/she arrives (computer, all login information, office supplies, phone, etc.)
  3. Have HR assist the new hire in completing all necessary new hire and other forms, and orienting them on the new hire’s benefits and other options.
  4. Have other employees take the new hire out to lunch.
  5. Spend the first day introducing the new hire to the other departments within the company.

For the balance of the first week:

  1. Have others in the office take the new hire out to lunch each day.
  2. Make sure the new hire gets an understanding of his/her role and responsibilities and where he/she fits in the organization.

There you go! Some simple tips to help you get new hires comfortable in the company right from day one and off on the right foot!

For more information on onboarding programs, read Onboarding Programs for New Hires Part I and Part II.

What other suggestions do you have for helping new hires get started? Share with others in the Comments field below.  Thanks!

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