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Ensure the Right Type of Board Participation in Your Non-Profit

Non-profit leadership can be challenged with how to effectively work and collaborate with their boards. Sometimes, this is due to just not having the right people on the board. While certainly non-profit leaders want board members that are passionate about the work of the non-profit; they also need to ensure that they have the skills and expertise necessary to further the mission of the non-profit. When roles, responsibilities, and expectations of board members are not clearly articulated; the board and its work are ineffective.

Each board member should have a clearly defined role and responsibilities associated with that role. The board should have a charter that clearly defines its work for the non-profit association. Non-profit boards must also determine how to balance being strategic with hands-on operational work (especially necessary for smaller non-profits.)

Clearly defining how the board supports the CEO/executive director of the non-profit is essential to minimize conflicts. Consider…

  • …where are lines drawn?
  • …what is the purview of the non-profit leadership and of the board?
  • …how is reporting to the board accomplished?
  • …how are conflicts or disagreements between the board and the non-profit leadership handled?

The more clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of board members and the alignment/collaboration with the CEO/executive director, the more likely the non-profit board and non-profit leadership can be successful achieving the objectives and mission of the non-profit.

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