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Are you a strategy tourist?

Let me start by reassuring you: the chances that you are a strategy tourist are close to zero. You are proving you are interested in getting things done by reading this action-oriented blog. (Unless, of course, you have mistaken this blog for something completely different).

But I’m sure you do know a strategy tourist.

Most likely you know plenty of them, since strategy tourists – those managers who lack the motivation, skills and knowledge to turn a strategy into performance – can be found in abundance in most organisations. They are easily recognisable by the following characteristics:

  • they love big words to make themselves sound more important.
  • their power drive is much larger than their achievements drive.
  • they use expensive consultants for everything they do.
  • they like to restart a new strategy exercise every year.
  • and yes, they are somewhat lazy.

I call the opposite of a strategy tourist a Strategy Execution hero. An individual dedicated to performance and to getting things done. You can find them in all disciplines but they do share the same competences, traits and beliefs. I’m sure you also know some.

And an organisation needs more heroes and fewer tourists, won’t you agree?

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