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A Mini Case Study: Managing Your Stakeholders – Part 1

Sarah is leading a project to implement an online benefits management portal to enable employees to have a “one stop” location to view their health and dental benefits, get answers to benefits-related questions, and enable for changes to be made to health benefit coverage.

The requirements were gathered over a two week time period at the start of the project. The project is near completion – the portal has been developed by the IT/Application Development group. It has been tested and will be rolled out early next week. Sarah was approached by a member of the senior leadership team who suggests that it would be of value to add in a component so that employees can also manage their 401Ks.

Sarah have had such an experience with this senior leadership team stakeholder in the past. Specifically, he has asked for additional scope for projects at the last minute and has been insistent about getting his requirements included, regardless of the cost. In nearly each situation, the project has not been successful and Sarah has had to answer to the fact that the project was not successful.

  • How could Sarah manage this stakeholder?
  • How should Sarah avoid this situation in the future?

Post your thoughts in the Comment section below and stay tuned for Part 2 where we’ll provide some ideas for Sarah.

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