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Managing BPI Projects -Have you socialized the project enough?

Key in any business process improvement (BPI) project, even a smaller one that may impact only a department or workgroup, is spending sufficient time up front socializing the initiative to the stakeholders to get their buy-in and commitment.

Socializing, or getting commitment, provides you champions for your project. Individuals from throughout the organization who are on board and will support the project’s efforts. This support is necessary for overall BPI project success.

Socializing requires sharing information about the project to the stakeholders who will be impacted by the project. This requires sharing the vision for the project and the benefits – not just the benefits for the organization but also, and possibly more importantly, the benefits to the individual stakeholders. Effectively, what will the project do for them that would make them want to support the project. Champions will help you to sell the project across the organization, getting other stakeholders to support the initiative.

Use any number of forums to socialize the project:

  • All staff/all hands meetings
  • Small group/department meetings
  • Divisional meetings
  • Workgroup sessions
  • Email and/or company newsletters
  • An “information table” in a common location such as a company cafeteria

Using a variety of methods to socialize the project enables you to reach a broader stakeholder group and increases your success in engaging a larger number of individuals.

Start early! Don’t want until the project is launched and underway to begin engaging stakeholders. This group will be a key resource for you to understand how successful the project is in the eyes of the organization and can assist in evaluating options or in testing scenarios.

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