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How Will You Help Someone This Week?

Every week I set aside some time to help someone else – it may be through brainstorming with them to come up with a solution to a problem they have, offering to make a connection to help them with their networking or a job search, or just discussing ideas and sharing best practices with them.

Too often we get focused on ourselves and what we have going on and don’t stop to think how we might help others. Sometimes we just are too busy to think about anyone else. I have found, however, that taking the time to help someone else out also helps me out! Often through my conversations with others I come up with ideas for my own business, or a possible solution to a problem I’m having, or even an idea to ponder for the week.

So…what are you doing to help out someone this week? Just set aside a couple of hours to help someone else, you’ll find it comes back to you!

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