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How to Approach an Analysis

Whether I am in the office or at a conference, I have noticed that the phrase “I think we need to do an analysis,” invokes absolute fear in many people. Sometimes it’s the fear of not knowing analysis techniques, sometimes it’s the fear of what the data will reveal and often it is because they […]

Benefits of Strategic Data Analysis

As a company moves through the evolutionary stages of data analysis, the value to the company increases. If performed correctly, data-driven decisions can start to drive money to the bottom line.

As an example, let’s consider a company which sells a variety of products. Without data analysis, how do they know which products are the […]

Strategy in Human Resources

Strategy in Human Resources? Is that possible?

As time has passed, more and more departments inside organizations have become strategic and data-driven. When we think of departments like Finance and Operations, we can easily visualize those being strategic and highly analytical, but we don’t often think that way about HR.

Human Resources is one of […]