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Are You Ready for Change?

Maybe the better question is, is anyone ever ready for change? We experiencing change in our lives regularly – whether it is work-related change or change in our personal life. Some change we drive ourselves and therefore we are ready. Other change may not be by our choice or may happen sooner than we prefer it to. In these cases, we may not be ready and, rather, may balk against that change.

People who are ready for change, or better prepared for change when they are faced with the prospect of it, have these characteristics:

  • Passion. They are engaged in what they are involved in and strive for improvement. They believe much is possible.
  • Optimism. They see opportunities rather than problems. They have a positive outlook overall.
  • Love challenges. Challenges are exciting! They are something to conquer rather than something to run from. They will take calculated risks to find a better way.
  • Resiliency. They can adapt and will bounce back from adversity. They expect that mistakes will happen and make corrections and move on. They have a goal and they are going to achieve it.
  • Confidence. They are confident in their skills and knowledge and their ability to learn new things. They see a problem and are confident they can resolve it.

How about you? Are you ready for change? If you aren’t immersed in it now; it’s coming! We can always count on change.

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