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A Mini Case Study: What’s Wrong With This Team - Part II

Read Part I of the mini case study.

What may be some of the primary reasons for the team feeling as they are?

There are any number of issues that could be happening. The members may not understand what it means to be part of a team, may have had poor experiences on past […]

A Mini Case Study: What’s Wrong With This Team – Part I

From the minute the project was announced and the team members assigned, several of the members were overheard telling their colleagues that they didn’t understand why they needed to be involved in this initiative. They wanted to continue to work alone, as they have been doing for many years. One member was quoted with the […]

Best Practices for Facilitating a Team Meeting to Improve Teamwork

When your team is not working well together, consider holding a special team meeting to improve teamwork and get the team back on the right track. Use this special team meeting to resolve the issues that are causing the problems and assisting the team to move forward to improve how the team will work […]

How Effective is Your Team?

Surveying members to gauge effectiveness in working together

You can usually tell if your team is not working together as effectively as they could be. You see the signs. Team members are….

not committed to supporting each other, work is being thrown “over the wall” with no thought of quality or timeliness not attending meetings […]

How to Optimize Team Communications - Part II

Please read Part I of this post for background information.

Within any company the various organizational functions, such as Information Technology (IT) and Finance and Administration use their own specialized terminology. If you are working on a task force or project in which the team has members from several different companies, or if you have […]