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Use a Team Charter to Increase Team Success

Team Building

A team charter provides a team – whether a workgroup, department team or a project team – with clarity around the purpose, mission and goals of the team. Most particularly for virtual teams the charter is absolutely essential to ensure understanding of what the team has been tasked with doing for the organization.

A team […]

The Four Stages of Team Development and the Role of the New Supervisor

The first four stages of the team development model was proposed and developed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965.

Every team – workgroup, project team, department, etc. – goes through the four stages of team development; there are no exceptions.

What’s important for the new supervisor is to understand the four stages and how to manage […]

You’re a New Supervisor

Now what?

When promoted to a new supervisor, expectations, and your contributions to the organization are vastly different than when in an individual contributor role. You are now responsible for the work efforts and productivity of others, as well as for the professional development.

As a supervisor, you are:

accountable and responsible for your team […]

How well do you Share Information with Your Team?

Sharing information with your team enables for building trust with them. Certainly there are some things that managers may not be able to share immediately with their team; but often the problem is not that they cannot share information, but that they will not – for whatever reason. Do you, as a manager,

Keep […]

Factors that Increase Team Success

There are five factors in particular that enable for the success of workplace teams.

Sufficient resources: There needs to be sufficient resources to support the efforts of the team. This includes the members of the team, but may also include additional resources brought in to help the team achieve its goals. Leadership: A strong […]