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Performance Management: Formal and Informal Methods

Regardless of what your organization does formally around performance management, as a manager you can provide regular performance feedback to your employees through a variety of formal and informal methods. This keeps your employees moving forward and engaged and enables them to make adjustments as needed to keep growing personally and professionally. And…when it finally […]

Managing an Ethical Dilemma – Part II

A Mini Case Study: What the Employee Did

Read Part I of this case study to get background information and learn how others might have handled this situation.

But first….before we start with the wrap up of the case study – many thanks to all those readers who responded with their ideas on how they […]

Managing an Ethical Dilemma

A Mini Case Study


You have been working at a software company for about 5 years. You enjoy the job and have recently applied for a new role (supervisor). You interviewed and felt you did well. Additionally, you believe you chances of getting the job are high because you have been with the company […]

Leadership: It can Make or Break Lean Success

Leadership has the ability to either make or break a business. Good leadership practices can send a business into uncharted waters of great success and opportunity, while on the other hand, poor leadership tactics may leave a business floundering in a sea of defeat. In most traditional business hierarchies, leaders are usually the staff members […]

Communicating with Stakeholders in Ways that Work for Them

We all absorb information differently – some are more visual than others and want to see charts and graphs, some prefer to listen to others communicate the information to them such as through a presentation or in a meeting, and others like to be involved in some way such as by reviewing data and […]