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Managing an Ethical Dilemma – Part II

A Mini Case Study: What the Employee Did

Read Part I of this case study to get background information and learn how others might have handled this situation.

But first….before we start with the wrap up of the case study – many thanks to all those readers who responded with their ideas on how they [...]

Managing an Ethical Dilemma

A Mini Case Study


You have been working at a software company for about 5 years. You enjoy the job and have recently applied for a new role (supervisor). You interviewed and felt you did well. Additionally, you believe you chances of getting the job are high because you have been with the company [...]

Leadership: It can Make or Break Lean Success

Leadership has the ability to either make or break a business. Good leadership practices can send a business into uncharted waters of great success and opportunity, while on the other hand, poor leadership tactics may leave a business floundering in a sea of defeat. In most traditional business hierarchies, leaders are usually the staff members [...]

Communicating with Stakeholders in Ways that Work for Them

We all absorb information differently – some are more visual than others and want to see charts and graphs, some prefer to listen to others communicate the information to them such as through a presentation or in a meeting, and others like to be involved in some way such as by reviewing data and [...]

Best Practices for Building Consensus

Without making yourself crazy!

We sometimes want to push the idea of building consensus off to the side; it can be a difficult undertaking! The larger the team, the more difficult it is to get everyone to reach consensus and sometimes it is downright impossible! Don’t fret – there are some ways to make the [...]