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The Value of Having a Change Expert on Your Next Technology Project

Technology projects can be difficult to implement within an organization. They require significant change management work as well as regular and consistent communications to stakeholders to keep them engaged. Unfortunately, technology projects are staff minimally (as are many other projects frankly) and with individuals with technical expertise but limited expertise, if any at all, expertise […]

Case Study: Moving Resisters of Change to Change Champions - Part 2

Changing the Minds of Employees in Finance

Read Part I of the case study

The second meeting with the group was well attended, everyone made time on their calendar and attended the meeting. This was a good sign! We knew we still had a few resisters, but we also knew that they were interested enough […]

Case Study: Moving Resisters of Change to Change Champions – Part I

Changing the Minds of Employees in Finance

I was working with a mid-size professional services firm that was implementing a new financial system. The CFO asked me to work with him to help him manage this project with his team, with a focus on managing communications and change. He had a project manager who would […]

Managing Change Initiatives

Convert Resisters to Champions

A key success factor in managing change initiatives is to convert resisters to champions. You can’t convert everyone – some will just continue to resist until eventually they decide to leave the organization. But you can create a number of them. Those you convert will eventually get a number of others […]

Change is Ahead!

Is the organization ready?

For this article, let’s focus on changes that are upcoming in an organization that the organization knows about.

Too often senior leaders know about changes that will have to happen in the organization, but do not share that information early enough. To be fair, some sharing cannot happen immediately as the […]