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Change is Ahead!

Is the organization ready?

For this article, let’s focus on changes that are upcoming in an organization that the organization knows about.

Too often senior leaders know about changes that will have to happen in the organization, but do not share that information early enough. To be fair, some sharing cannot happen immediately as the […]

Awareness of the Need for Change is Essential to Ensure Success in Change

Plan for and implement sufficient communications early on

Simply telling individuals that change has to happen and sharing information around the change initiative about to be launched does not necessarily constitute raising awareness of the need for change.

In order to get employees to adapt and accept a change, they must be aware that the […]

Barriers to Implementing Change in the Workplace

There are any number of barriers that hinder the ability of an individual to implement a required change in the workplace. By understanding what those barriers are, leaders can get employees engaged in change and enable them to more effectively implement a change that they must work with.

Barriers that hinder an individual’s ability to […]

Supporting Change through Communication


Consider these two conversations…

How we communicate with others who are struggling through a change makes an impact on their ability to accept and adapt to a change in the organization. Employees who are change agents, those who support and champion change in an organization, enable other employees to do so also by helping […]

Want Organizational Transitions to Succeed - COMMUNICATE!

Communication – Communication – and more Communication. That sums it up as the how to prepare for organizational transition. Sounds easy; but rarely is there enough of it! Ensuring that employees are engaged in organizational change/transition is necessary for long term success. But organizations can only engage employees when communications are frequent, honest and enable […]