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Three Ways to Use Communication to Break Through Barriers in Change Initiatives

There are many barriers to implementing change – both for the organization and the individual. Examples of barriers to implementing change are:

Organizational barriers

Individual barriers

Past change initiatives that went poorly or failed Lack of engaging of employees Lack of sufficient communications/ failure to communicate effectively Lack of executive support for change Too […]

Five Simple Steps to Engage Stakeholders in Change Initiatives

Stakeholders will adopt change more easily if you do these five simple things to engage them in the change initiative:

Develop a detailed communication plan in the early stages. Ensure communications via a variety of channels and methods in order to engage the widest group of stakeholders. Developing a communication management plan early makes it […]

Are You a Visionary about Change?

A leader who is also a visionary is someone who looks to the future and considers the possibilities. These individuals see opportunities for the organization, divisions, departments and the individual employees.

Leaders who are visionaries engage their employees in conversations about the future. They want their employees to continuously improve in how they get the […]

Leading Change - Start at the Top!

While it is essential to ensure that everyone in the organization is engaged in change, it is really important to ensure that engagement starts at the top with senior leadership.

The most successful change initiatives have support and commitment from the CEO and the rest of the senior leadership team. This support is essential since […]

Every Project Requires a Change Component

Nearly every project requires a change component to it. It doesn’t matter the size or complexity of the project; although the size and complexity drives how large a change component that is necessary.

If we remember that most all projects require some change – whether it is a process needed to complete a task or […]