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Managing Change is ALL about Communication!

Communicate Often to Engage Others in Change

A quick story for you – I am working with a client who has “difficulty” (her words, not mine) launching and sustaining change within the organization. She is one of the senior leaders within the organization. She tells me that over the last few years, a number of [...]

Change Will Inevitably Happen

Learn to deal with it!

We have all been involved in change at some point; some of us more than others if we are working in an organization that has frequent change. Let’s face it, change is inevitable! Getting frustrated about change, however, does not have to be inevitable.

When we understand why change is [...]

Helping an Employee Manage Through Change - II

A Mini Case Study – Part II

Please read Part I for background information.

Shawn felt the meeting with Allie went well. Allie opened up and spoke frankly about her challenges and seemed open to assistance in correcting the situation and getting back on track. And given Allie’s tenure in the organization, and the fact [...]

Helping an Employee Manage Through Change

A Mini Case Study – Part I

It is common for employees to be worried about change initiatives being launched within the organization. They are concerned about what it means for them personally – Will they lose their job? Will they have the skills they need to be successful? Part of the leader’s responsibility is [...]

Look at Change Positively

I was talking with a client (COO of a national organization) the other day who was complaining that he needed to talk to his management team again about an upcoming change initiative. He was putting off the conversation because it was such an effort for the management team to engage their staff in the change [...]