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The Value of Change Management Centers of Excellence

Organizations that have significant change ahead may find value in setting up a Change Management Center of Excellence (CoE). We have set these up for a number of our clients who have strategic change initiatives planned. They have enabled for increased success of the initiatives as well as enabled for better engagement of employees.

The [...]

Evaluating the Culture of an Organization

When I am asked by a client to help them evaluate the culture within their organization, there are two steps I take:

Evaluate the organization informally (interactions among people) Evaluate the organization formally (processes and procedures)

To do both well, I spend time within the organization getting to know the individuals. This includes traveling to [...]

Managing Change is ALL about Communication!

Communicate Often to Engage Others in Change

A quick story for you – I am working with a client who has “difficulty” (her words, not mine) launching and sustaining change within the organization. She is one of the senior leaders within the organization. She tells me that over the last few years, a number of [...]

Change Will Inevitably Happen

Learn to deal with it!

We have all been involved in change at some point; some of us more than others if we are working in an organization that has frequent change. Let’s face it, change is inevitable! Getting frustrated about change, however, does not have to be inevitable.

When we understand why change is [...]

Helping an Employee Manage Through Change - II

A Mini Case Study – Part II

Please read Part I for background information.

Shawn felt the meeting with Allie went well. Allie opened up and spoke frankly about her challenges and seemed open to assistance in correcting the situation and getting back on track. And given Allie’s tenure in the organization, and the fact [...]