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Addressing a Common Leadership Challenge: Finding Time for Employees

Leadership Challenges

I often hear leaders in my workshop complain that they just can’t make the time to meet with their employees on a regular basis; especially when they have a larger group. While I agree that it takes time to meet with employees, and it is something that might more easily be pushed aside for other […]

4 Ways to Ensure Employee Accountability for their Work


In order to hold employees accountable for their work and meeting goals, it is important that managers are clear when assigning tasks or projects. Employees cannot be expected to be held accountable if what they need to accomplish is unclear or confusing.

Here are 4 ways to ensure employee accountability for work or projects assigned: […]

5 Ways to Ensure Productive One-on-One Meetings with Employees

Planning Employee Off Site Meetings

Productive one-on-one meetings enable for managers to understand employee’s needs, address challenges early on and ensure that goals and objectives are being met. Here are 5 ways to ensure more productive one-on-one meetings with your employees:

Have an agenda for each meeting. The agenda should include specific items to be covered during each meeting but […]

Measure and Manage Employee Effectiveness

Engaging Stakeholders

Employee effectiveness does not simply happen by magic. It must be managed and measured to ensure that not only are employees effective in their roles and in meeting the objectives of the organization, but also so that they are engaged and challenged.

Use a variety of tools to measure and manage employee effectiveness

Simply […]

Setting a Strategic Goal of Cross-Functional Collaboration

Engaging Reluctant Participants on a Team

A mini case study – Part 3

Refer to Part 1 and Part 2 of this case study.

Breaking Down the Project into Mini Projects

Larger change initiatives – such as the one in this case study – are much more than simply one project. These larger initiatives must be broken down into a number […]