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The Impact of Cultural Differences on Communications

Cultural differences between team members increases the complexity or “thinking” required around communications. Additionally, when we add virtual team members to the mix, we increase the complexity even further!

Communication is affected by our ideas around hierarchy and how we expect decisions to be made or problems solved. For example, for some team members there [...]

Task List? What Task List??

Are You Communicating Effectively with Your Team?

I recall one of the first projects I ever worked on. During a status meeting, the team lead asked each of us if we had completed our tasks for the week. I reported back on a number of tasks which I completed. When I was done with my [...]

Do All the Members of Your Team Have the Same Information?

Too often, especially with larger and/or virtual teams, all members do not have consistent information and/or they understand the information they have received differently. This is due to a number of factors including:

Lack of formal communications Lack of sharing information whether formally or informally Lack of understanding of a variety of cultural backgrounds on [...]

Yes! You Must Facilitate Meetings

In order to increase productivity

When a meeting is actively facilitated rather than just keeping it unstructured, the following benefits are realized:

There is active participation and contribution by all attendees Topics of discussion tend to be better balanced – with a focus on both pros and cons There is a likelihood of more creative [...]

The Power of Brief Interactions

Think back to when someone of importance in your working life made you feel special. Was it watching them do something extraordinary or listening to a motivational speech? Well maybe it was but chances are it was something far more personal and particular to you. An acknowledgement of what you did or simply asking [...]